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Hot Mom Stroller: 3 in 1 travel system of The Ultimate Guide 2017

3 in 1 travel system

3 in 1 Travel System

Buying a quality 3 in 1 travel system stroller for your little ones can be a difficult task. This is because the job involves several factors to consider. These factors include technology, safety, easiness, toughness, and the style. If you are a mom who wants to buy such a travel system for your baby, hot mom stroller is quite easy.

To buy your preferred 3 in 1 stroller travel system, you have no necessity to waste your precious time in seeking such a travel system for you and your baby. This is because Hot Mom offers you a new 3 in 1 white color Bassinet Baby Stroller with lots of beneficial features at an affordable price. Additionally, it is also the most sought after baby product in the middle of modern-day moms. The manufacturer designs the product with the latest technology to offer the necessary comfort and safety for your little ones. The stroller comes with a strong frame to allow the stroller to bear weighty babies. It also comes with a comfortable and adjustable seat to offer your baby a relaxed ride. The trendy design of the product will definitely please you.

Generally, all parents would like to handle their baby stroller easily. They will also like to make them move their stroller in a comfortable way. Hot Mom designs its Bassinet Baby Stroller, white, by keeping this in mind. Therefore, the 3 in 1 Travel System comes with a lightweight feature. This feature allows the parents to apply less effort to push this baby stroller. Moreover, you can adjust the seat of the Bassinet Baby Stroller in different positions, according to your needs and the comfort of your toddler.

Hot Mom stroller uses only durable leather to prepare the big seat of this 3 in 1 Travel System. Therefore, you can expect the necessary comfort for your baby. Whether you are a tall or a short parent, you can easily handle this baby product. It is an ideal luxury stroller until your toddler attains the age of 48 months.

Who Can Use The Hot Mom Stroller?

3 in 1 travel system stroller

3 in 1 Travel System Stroller

The Hot Mom stroller 3 in 1 Travel System is a perfect baby product for:

  • Parents who want to install easily.
  • Homemakers who want to move their stroller easily and comfortably.
  • Moms who yearn for a stylish travel.
  • Parents seeking a lightweight stroller.
  • The babies that need the ultimate comfort and safety.

Features of The Hot Mom 3 In 1 Travel System Stroller

Hot Mom 3 in 1 travel system

Hot Mom 3 in 1 travel system

Compact And Lightweight Design of top travel systems

In addition to the lightweight feature, the Hot Mom Bassinet Baby Stroller also comes with a compact design. Both these features offer a bounty of benefits to the users in storing and handling the stroller. The baby stroller comes with the size of 37×25.2×45.7 inches. Therefore, it will not occupy much space in your home or in the trunk of your car. Additionally, the stroller comes with a sturdy metal frame. This allows it to withstand a maximum weight of 176 pounds (80 kg).

Moreover, the Hot Mom 3 in 1 Travel System and Bassinet Baby Stroller, White, comes with the product weight of 40.8 pounds (18.5 kg). This allows parents to move the stroller easily without applying much effort. The lightweight feature of the product makes it an easy portable one. The trendy design allows you to move the stroller with immense style around the city.

The Hot Mom and the Bassinet Baby Stroller is the perfect baby companion for parents that go out frequently with their babies. This is because this stroller allows you to move the product with immense ease and offers your baby the ultimate stability and safety, as well.

Adjustable Seat

Adjustable Stroller Seat

Adjustable Stroller Seat

The 3 in 1 stroller travel system from Hot Mom comes with a comfortable seat. It offers a convenient sitting position for your baby. This is for the reason that the manufacturer constructs the seat by keeping the safety and comfort of your baby in mind. The egg seat can accommodate your newborn baby with the minimum body weight of six pounds (2.7 kg).

The seat comes with 14.57-inch length, 26.3-inch width, and 26.3-inch height. Therefore, you can even put your obese and tall baby in the stroller at ease. You can even put a toddler in the baby carriage with the maximum body weight of 48.5 pounds (22.0 kg). Hot Mom prepares the seat of this Bassinet Baby Stroller with the durable 100%, skin-friendly polyurethane leather. Therefore, the skin of your baby gets the necessary protection from rashes and burns.

Moreover, the adjustable and the reversible seat features allow you to lay your little one in three different positions. This means that the Go Outside Suggest feature allows your baby to turn up to 175 degrees, facing you. Through this, you can watch your baby while moving. The Get Rest Suggest feature makes your baby turn up to 135 degrees. This allows your toddler to relax and to explore the outside world. The Sleeping Suggest feature of the seat allows your infant to recline up to 95 degrees to have a comfortable nap while riding.

Adaptable Handlebar

Adaptable Stroller handlebar

Adaptable Stroller handlebar

The Hot Mom stroller 3 in 1 Travel System comes with an adjustable handlebar. It comes with the sufficient height of 34.8 inches (87 centimeters). You can adjust the height of the handlebar to a minimum height of 27.1 inches and to a maximum height of 34.8 inches. This makes the Baby Stroller an ideal baby companion for tall as well as for short parents.

This beneficial feature will offer your little one a better visibility of the outside world, as well. This also prevents your toddler from inhaling the harmful carbon dioxide gas, released by the automobiles while moving on the road. Your infant can get a closer look to you, as well, and on the road on which he/she rides.

Other Beneficial Features Of The 3 In 1 Prams

features of the stroller

features Of The Stroller

Suspension: The 3 in 1 Travel System comes with a powerful and comfortable all-wheel suspension system. It also comes fitted with a bump bar. This will offer your little one a bump free and safe ride on a variety of surfaces.

Durable canopy:

Durable Stroller Canopy

Durable Stroller Canopy

The Bassinet Baby Stroller comes with a durable, attractive white color antibacterial canopy. It protects your toddler from the harmful UV rays of the sun. the canopy comes with the waterproof and windproof features, as well. Therefore, you can protect your little one from the rain and the speedy wind. You can remove the canopy easily, as well, to clean.

Simple folding design:

Simple Stroller Folding Design

Simple Stroller Folding Design

The Bassinet Baby Stroller comes with an easy-to-fold design. Therefore, you can fold it easily through a single click. This will allow you to store it in your car trunk during traveling, as well.

Useful accessories:

The 3 in 1 Travel System comes with a mosquito net, as well. This will offer your toddler the necessary protection from mosquito bites. The summer nap mat of the product will offer your baby a relaxed sleep during the hot months. The cup holder of the hot mom stroller will allow you to keep your preferred drinks for your baby. The large basket allows you to keep your things, such as keys, wallet, mobile phone, etc., in a safe way.

Pros of the stroller

  • 3-in-1 feature.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • Trendy design.
  • Comfortable and adjustable big egg seat.
  • Durable canopy
  • Well-built all-wheel suspension system.
  • Easy installation.


  • Some users feel the stroller to be bulky, impractical, and cumbersome.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I use a car seat with this white Stroller?

Yes, you can use.

  1. What is the age restriction to use this stroller?

There is no minimum age restriction, but you can use this stroller until your baby attains the age of 4 years.

  1. What type of car seat, can I attach with this Hot Mom stroller?

You can attach any type of car seat with the Hot Mom Bassinet Baby Stroller.

  1. Should I buy an adapter separately to attach my car seats?

Yes, you have to buy adapters separately.

  1. In what size does the bassinet of the stroller come?

The bassinet of the stroller comes with the length of 14.57 inches, the width of 26.3 inches, and the height of 26.3 inches to accommodate even obese and tall babies comfortably.

Final Verdict

The Hot Mom white color 3 in 1 Travel System and Bassinet Baby Stroller is the ideal luxury stroller for modern-day moms. This baby product comes with a 3 in 1 bassinet in a stylish design. This makes it perfect for those who want to offer a comfortable ride to their little ones as well as want to move out in style.

Moreover, the baby product comes with a frivolous and compact design with a stronger frame. The egg seat comes with three different adjustable positions. This allows moms to watch their babies, allows the babies have a relaxed sitting position. This also allows toddlers to have a comfortable sleep during their ride.

The durable canopy of the baby product protects the baby from the harmful elements of the sun. The well-built all-wheel suspension system and a bump bar offer the toddler a comfortable, safe and bump-free ride. The trouble-free installation and the one-click folding features of this Hot Mom stroller, make it more popular in the middle of hectic moms.

The expert stroller seat and self-governing snooze bassinet features offer the toddler the required relaxation during the ride. This baby product is also suitable to put newborn babies and those attaining the maximum age of four years. This feature makes the stroller the most versatile product available on the market. Moreover, as the pros outweigh the cons, you can conclude that it will offer you the real value for your hard-earned money.

The final verdict is that white 3 in 1 Travel System and Bassinet Baby Hot Mom Stroller is a highly recommended product. It should be a must-have baby product in homes with babies with the age group 0-48 months.



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