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Zoe Stroller: Best Lightweight Umbrella Stroller Reviews 2017

Best Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

The Best Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Most parents usually like to buy the best Lightweight Umbrella Stroller for their babies with a bounty of beneficial features. They also want their zoe stroller in compact size and frivolous. There are those who go beyond that they would like their baby companions that are more portable. They usually need a zoe Stroller that occupies less space in their home and car trunk. If you are one among these parents, looking for such a baby stroller, you will definitely get. This is because, ZOE, the renowned and reliable manufacturer of baby products has recently introduced an orange-colored XL1 model frivolous baby stroller, with an Umbrella Stroller System.

Why should you opt for this best lightweight umbrella stroller from ZOE?

As the name suggests, the ZOE XL1 Lightweight Umbrella Stroller System – Orange is light in weight. It comes with a frivolous, rigid aluminum frame. This will allow you to stroll it easily will offer you required enduring stability. As the product weighs only 10 pounds, it is the most frivolous baby zoe Stroller in the world. This is because it is easy to carry and it will not tire you out on your extended trips. You can easily move it up the stairs, as well.

Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Furthermore, it comes with a well-designed front suspension system. This will offer your baby a soft ride on the uneven and bumpy terrains. Although it is a lightweight stroller, it can bear the greatest weight of 50 pounds. The compact design of the zoe Stroller does not occupy much space in your home or in the car trunk. You have no necessity to worry about the stopping of the stroller, as well. This is because its rear wheels come equipped with a step-on brake system. This will allow you lock them safely and easily with your single foot.

To whom the best umbrella stroller from ZOE is ideal?

It is the perfect zoe Stroller for those, who travel extensively. It is also perfect for those, expecting a comfortable and easy to stroll around the city. Although the umbrella stroller is light in weight, it offers an enduring stability. This feature makes it more popular among most parents in the world. It is an immense choice for those who want to get out and take pleasure in the outdoors. It is also a shrewd option for those often traveling with their toddlers and infants.

 Features of the best cheap umbrella stroller

Canopy of Zoe Stroller

Umbrella Stroller Canopy

Umbrella Stroller Canopy

The XL1 umbrella stroller from ZOE comes with an attractive orange-colored canopy that offers the product a unique look. It comes with a large expandable sunshade to protect your baby from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Moreover, it will offer a cool and comfortable ride to your toddler. Additionally, the canopy features an unseen zipper that grips the belly bar. This will prevent your little one from falling. Moreover, above the canopy, there is a peek-a-boo casement with an attractive closure. This peek-a-boo window will allow you to keep an eye on your babies while you move the best cheap umbrella stroller.

Zoe Stroller Handlebar

Umbrella Stroller Handlebar

Umbrella Stroller Handlebar

This lightweight umbrella stroller from ZOE comes with a comfortable and adaptable handlebar. This feature allows both tall and short parents to use the zoe Stroller comfortably. The best cheap umbrella stroller will offer you a soft feel and touch, as well. This is for the reason that ZOE uses a resilient foam material to prepare the handlebar. The handlebar is at a height of 40.5 inches from the ground. However, you can adjust its height, according to your body height.

Zoe Stroller Comfortable seats

Umbrella Stroller Seat

Umbrella Stroller Seat

The XL1 Lightweight Umbrella Stroller from ZOE is the most comfortable baby companion. This is because it comes with an adjustable seat. You can tilt the seat to the greatest angle of 135 degrees. This will offer a comfortable place for your baby to lie down to take a relaxed snooze. Moreover, the seat is ready from quality, simple-to-clean material. It is sturdy enough to hold the greatest weight of 22.6 kg (50 pounds). This makes the zoe Stroller the much sought after baby product amid parents, having a bulky baby. The well-padded seat features a relaxed five-point harness to keep your baby at ease, safe and secure.

Speedy foldable design of Zoe Stroller

Stroller Foldable Design

Stroller Foldable Design

This ZOE orange-colored baby stroller comes with an easy folding mechanism. This allows you to fold the product with less effort, by using your single hand. When you pull the center belt, it will fold and lock automatically.  Moreover, with the folded arrangement, you can keep the product in any place you want in your home. This is because it will not occupy much space. This is really a beneficial feature for those having a limited space in their home and in their car trunk.

Zoe Stroller Wheels

Stroller Wheels

Stroller Wheels

The feature that draws the attention of most parents is its wheels. Usually, the wheels are the components in any stroller that are susceptible to the greatest wear and tear. They may even damage during the extended use on different terrains. This will make you spend often to bring them to a perfect working condition again. However, you have no necessity to worry about the repairing costs of the best Lightweight umbrella stroller from ZOE. This is because the manufacturer offers the stroller with a lifetime warranty for its wheels. Even if they break down, you can get it repaired at free of cost.


Besides these beneficial features, this baby product comes with a bounty of accessories, as well. You cannot get these useful accessories at this affordable price range. ZOE offers this product with a lifetime warranty on its wheels, as well. Hence, you can rest guaranteed that you would get the real value for your money.

Stroller Accessories

Stroller Accessories

The major benefit of buying this stroller from ZOE is that it comes with a plethora of accessories. These accessories include pockets, cup holders, big basket, and an extra-large sun cover. This sun cover will keep your baby in a safe place. It also comes with the easy-to-reach big basket. This will allow you to keep diapers, mobile phone, snacks, water bottle, toys, etc. The back of the canopy comes attached with spacious storage pockets. Therefore, you can keep your personal things safely while strolling. It also comes with a padded belly bar, cup holders, and child snack tray.

When you buy this XL1 model frivolous the best Lightweight umbrella stroller, you will get a free travel bag. You can easily store the product safely for a trouble-free transport. While buying other strollers, you need to buy this bag for an extra cost. However, the manufacturer offers this bag at free of cost with this umbrella stroller.

 Pros of the good umbrella stroller

v 50-lb load bearing capacity.

v Lightweight.

v Civilized sunshade canopy.

v Adaptable seat.

v Five-level harness.

v Quick folding mechanism.

v Lifetime warranty for the wheels.


v Not suitable for bumpy and uneven terrains.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the dimension of the zoe Stroller?

The zoe Stroller comes with the compact dimensions of 26.5 x 15.5 x 7 inches, so it will not occupy much space when folded.

  1. Can I get this zoe stroller in colors other than orange?

Yes, it comes in other attractive colors, such as Eloise Plum, Black, and London Navy.

  1. What is the minimum weight requirement to use lightweight umbrella stroller?

This stroller can be used once your baby attains the age of six months and should not be weighed more than 50 pounds.

  1. Can the best lightweight umbrella stroller accommodate an infant car seat?

No. It does not accept any infant car seats.

  1. Can the cup holders be removed?

Yes, they can be removed.

Final verdict

The ZOE Stroller XL1 Lightweight Umbrella System – Orange is the perfect stroller for frequent travelers. Besides the lightweight feature, this baby product comes with lots of other beneficial features. These features make the product ideal for those, seeking a frivolous stroller for their frequent traveling. Moreover, it comes with a bounty of useful accessories, as well. They offer both parents and their babies the required comfort. Parents can feed the babies with their preferred foods and drinks when they want. At an affordable price range, the stroller comes with a lifetime warranty for wheels. As the pros outweigh the cons, this best Lightweight umbrella stroller from ZOE is the perfect baby product. It is perfect for those seeking the one that offers the greatest comfort at an affordable cost. Every home with toddlers and infants should have this good umbrella stroller.