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How you can help make simple pregnancy progress

Pregnancy Progress

Pregnancy Progress

Pregnancy progress is the evolution of an embryo inside the uterus of a woman which begins from the time of fertilization and continues up to the baby born. Pregnancy progress is the most critical time for every woman. This progression lasts for about 40 weeks. Each and every moment of these weeks is important to a woman as she needs to be careful about what’s safe for her baby and what’s not as well as her own health. So, during this time woman has to take some extra care of her health.

This is not possible to say how many women gets pregnant daily but it is clear that all the conceived babies do not have live birth outcome due to some abortions and miscarriages. About 40% pregnancies are unintended or unplanned and most of these pregnancies are aborted.

Miscarriage is the term used to mean the spontaneous loss of fetus within 20 weeks of pregnancies. This miscarriage happens due to chromosomal abnormalities or hormonal problems. But in some countries, miscarriages are happening because of mother’s lifestyle like labored working or consumption of smoking or drugs.

As women’s health has an acute impact on the health of an unborn baby, pregnant women should keep themselves away from smoking or alcohol to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Progress by Week

Pregnancy Progression by Week

Pregnancy Progress by Week

Pregnancy progress by week is always wise to keep a track of your baby’s development and take care of the baby in accordance. So, you need a week to week guidance of pregnancy Progress to learn how you should treat your baby as well as yourself during pregnancy.

Your total pregnancy period is categorized in three trimesters.

First Trimester

A trimester consists of first 13 weeks. In this trimester embryo grows up very quickly. It gets its shape of earlobes, mouth, and nose. In that time embryo moves constantly.

Week 2: In this week the egg meets the sperm which will make you ovulate. This is the first step of pregnancy.

Week 3: In this week the baby looks like a tiny ball which is made up of several hundred cells. These cells multiply themselves very rapidly. This tiny ball is called blastocyst.

Week 4: In the 4th week the placenta starts developing itself. This time embryo, made up of two layers stays in deep uteri.

Week 5: Embryo grows up very quickly and shows you some pregnancy symptoms.

Week 6: The embryo starts achieving the shape of nose, mouth and ears.

Week 7: In this week the embryo becomes double of its size. It gains the shape of hand and feet by this week.

Week 8: This time, baby starts moving itself.

Week 9: In this week the embryo looks like more human.

Week 10: By this time the baby achieves the shape of its necessary organs.

Week 11: Baby becomes able to open and close its hand. It gets the tooth buds.

Week 12: In this week baby’s brain starts growing up. The kidneys start executing urine.

Week 13: By this week baby becomes 3 inches long.

Second Trimester of pregnancy Progress

By the end of this trimester baby becomes 14.8 inches long and 2.2 ounces in weight.

Week 14: In this week baby learns to make various expressions.

Week 15: Taste buds are formed in this week. Baby gets sensation to light.

Week 16: Baby becomes 4.6 inches long 3.6 ounces in weight.

Week 17: In this week baby’s bones stat growing up.

Week 18: In this baby earns bones. You can trace your baby’s developing by an ultrasound test.

Week 19:  By this week baby becomes able to hear.

Week 20:  Baby grows up very quickly and produces meconium.

Week 21: Stats moving and kicking on your abdomen. In this time baby earns eyebrows.

Week 22: Baby looks like a newborn miniature.

Week 23: Baby can feel your motion.

Week 24: Baby looks like an ear corn. It looks lean at this time.

Week 25: In the 25th week baby earns hair.

Week 26: By this week baby inhales and exhales some amount of amniotic fluid.

Week 27: Baby can open and close its eyes and figures.

Third Trimester:

In the third trimester of pregnancy baby starts blinking its eyes. At this time baby acquires fingernails and real hair. Billion of neurons are added to brain during this time.

Week 28: This times baby grows up to 14.8 inches in length and 2.2 pounds in weight.

Week 29: By this week baby achieves matured muscles and lungs. Baby earns a developed head to accommodate its brain.

Week 30: By this week baby becomes 15.7 inches long and 2.9 ounces in weight.

Week 31: Baby becomes 3.3 ounces in weight and 16.2 inches in length.

Week 32: By the end of this week baby is 16.7 inches long in 3.6 ounces weighted.

Week 33: In 33rd week baby becomes 4.2 pound in weight and 17.2 inches in length.

Week 34: This time mother gets fatigue and dizziness. Baby becomes 4.7 pounds in weight and 17.7 inches in heights.

Week 35: By the end of this week baby becomes 5.3 pound in weight and 18.2 inches in length.

Week 36: Baby becomes 18.7 inches long 5.8 pounds in weight.

Week 37: This time mother feels some leak in her vagina. The Baby becomes 19.1 inches in height and 6.3 pounds in weight.

Week 38: In this week mother gets some itching on her belly. The baby becomes19.8 inches in height and 6.8 pounds in weight.

Week 39: This time baby looks like a pumpkin. It is now 20 inches in length and 7.3pounds in weight.

Week 40: This time mother feels some cramps on her legs. Mother becomes almost unable to sleep. The baby has a weigh of 7.6 pounds and a height of 20.2 by the end of this week.

Week 41: Women generally have their labor in this week. By this time the baby become 20.3 to 20.4 inches in height and 7.9 to 8.1 pound in weight.


You Should Do The Exercise Before Getting Pregnant

Exercise Before Getting Pregnant

Exercise Before Getting Pregnant

  • You should start exercise to get a proper physical shape which is very much necessary during pregnancy to keep your baby in ease in the uterus. Exercise has a direct impact on your baby’s health.
  • You can bring variety in your exercises to keep you healthy and refreshed. You can also make some changes in your exercise schedule. This will surely make the exercise interesting to you.
  • You should continue your daily work to strengthen the muscles of your abdomen which keep you away from back pain during pregnancy


What Exercise Should I Avoid During Pregnancy

Exercise You Should Avoid Before and During Pregnancy

Exercise You Should Avoid Before and During Pregnancy

  • You can continue your daily works if you are even thing about getting pregnant until you work stress cross the limit your body can handle. Too much working may make it harder for you to conceive.
  • You must not be worried about getting slim or losing weight. You should not eat the food containing high fat. Try to be healthy in a balanced food.
  • Try to avoid all kind of stresses. Too much stress can mess with the menstrual cycles which may lead you to miss the fertile period.


Bad Habits Before Getting Pregnant Effect You And Child’s Health

Kick Bad Habits before Getting Pregnancy

When you are planning about conceiving a baby, you have to give some of your bad habits up. Taking drugs or alcohol and smoking cigarettes or weeds may have a serious effect on your health as well as on your child’s health.

Here, I gathered some habits that most of the women bear in their personal life. If you have any of these habits, you have to leave that before getting pregnant. Some effective ways to get rid of these habits are listed here.


How it matters: You must stop smoking before trying to conceive. It sometimes becomes hard for a smoker to conceive. Nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar contained in your cigarettes resist your baby’s growth. Premature delivery and neonatal complication are the result of smoking.

How to Quit: There’s no magical process that will help you stop smoking. Your strong determination may kick this bad habit forever. You should keep yourself busy with duties or watching television or meeting your friends. This will gradually make you a nonsmoker.


How it matters: Consumption alcohol is totally forbidden for the women who are intending to be pregnant. This is found in research that, women who consume alcohol very often loss their babies due to miscarriages or they give birth to some premature babies. Alcohol is one of the main reasons for stillbirth. It prevents developing nervous system of fetal brain. Congenital heart defect and natal retardation are some results of alcohol consumption.

How to kick it: If you determine that your will never drink again for the sake of your baby, it will be easy for you to quit alcohol. You can drink a glass of juice or a cup of tea instead of alcohol.


How it matters: Fertility problems generally occur because of frequent consumption of caffeine. Some researchers argue that too caffeine may lead you to miscarriage. If you are frequent in caffeine consumption, your may fall in premature labor.

How to quit it: Do not take more than 200mg caffeine a day during pregnancy. If you are habituated to drinking, drink an alternative one that contains less caffeine like tea.

Junk Food

How it matters: Women who are pregnant should be more concern about craving a lot of junk foods. Junk foods contain high fat which is responsible for overweight babies. Some delivery complications occur due to excessive consumption of junk food.

How to quit it: It is not easy to stop eating junk food for those who have already been habituated to it. In that case, eat junk food less than you used to eat before. For example, if a woman used to eat 4 pieces of pizza a day, I will suggest her to eat only one piece a day. Women can also check this habit by having some alternative foods.


How it matters: This is found in many researches that, women like sugar more than men. But during pregnancy women should kick this bad habit. A lot of sugar consumption during pregnancy gives sweet tooth to a newborn baby. According to studies, babies given birth by the mothers who have high glucose levels, generally suffer from diabetic in their later lives.

How to kick it: If you like sugar too much, I recommend you to keep all the sugar away from your hands. Don’t preserve extra sugar or high sugar containing food your home. Whenever you will feel to eat sugar, grab some fruit like strawberry and avoid eating sugar.


How it matters: If you are thinking about getting pregnant, you must control your stress. Stress will fail you to conceive. Irregular menstrual period is the result of stress. If a woman remains under stress during pregnancy, she may have a miscarriage.

How to quit it: Always try to keep yourself in a cheer mind. Meet your friends and try to make fun with them. Try to be friendly with family members and enjoy your leisure by watching movies or listening music.

Lack of Sleep

How it matters:  Women need a very sound sleep during pregnancy. Women, who do not sleep properly in night, pass their day in a dumped mood. If any woman does not sleep at least for six hours at night, she may have high blood pressure and if she sleeps an hour less, she may have the risk of developing preeclampsia.

How to kick it: Taking a shower before getting into bed will feel you sleepy very soon. Try to avoid noise like the sound of television or kid’s noise. Make sure that your mobile or land phone is switched off or in silent mode while you’re going to sleep. Adjust your room temperature and ensure the maximum darkness in the bedroom. Moreover, go to bed early make a target of sleeping at least eight hours a day.

Over Exercising

How it matters: Exercise is important during pregnancy. It will help you feel strong and refreshed by keeping you in a balanced weight. But if you intend to exercise too much, you may not feel comfort. Over exercising may cause back pain. Rather, the unborn baby may not feel ease.

How to kick it: Do not exercise as much as you did before. Take some rest and move back and forth. Do not carry heavy weights. Stop jogging or yoga. If you used to go to gym, you should stop going to gym during pregnancy.  You may walk slowly in your room and watch television or gossip with your family members.

Prescription Drugs

How it matters: In regard to pregnancy United States Food and Drug Administration categorized the prescription drugs into A, B, C, D, and X. Category C drugs show adverse effect on animal and category D drugs show potential fetal risk where category X drug have the evidence of fetal abnormalities. So, you need to be aware of which drugs you have been taking because during pregnancy drug may have an adverse impact on your baby.

How to kick it: Consult your physician about the drugs you have been prescribed before your pregnancy. If you think you have to continue your drugs during your pregnancy, ask your doctor to observe the category of the drugs and tell him to prescribe the safer alternative of the drug you are having.

Illegal Drugs

How it matters:  If you are addicted to drugs or if you take illegal drugs like weeds, cocaine or heroin, I think I should warn you to conceive till you totally become drug-free.  During pregnancy every illegal the drug has an adverse effect on baby’s health. Continuous drugs consumption resists baby’s growth in the uterus. The mother who takes illegal drugs gives birth to a child with physical abnormalities.  Very often, these drugs may cause miscarriages or primitive birth.

How to kick it: To stop taking the drug, consult your regular physician. You may visit some rehabilitation centers to have more advises. But personally I suggest you to spend more times for your friends and family.


You Have No Chance of Getting Pregnant At This Period

Chance of Getting Pregnant at Every Point in Your Cycle

Choosing right time of women’s menstrual cycle is very important to those who are thinking about getting pregnant. Here, I demonstrate you how you will maximize your chance of conception at every point in your menstrual period.

Phase 1: Your Period

The menstrual cycle lasts for three to seven days in case of almost all the women. Progesterone and estrogen start fixing the endometrium from the third day of menstrual period. From the 4th day ovaries start preparing themselves to release eggs. If you do not ovulate, you have no chance of getting pregnant at this period.

Phase 2: Pre-ovulation

In this period, the cervical mucus becomes a little springy and will turn into white and creamy in a few days. Though it does not ensure the release of eggs, it is possible to ovulate in this period because cervical mucus remains in friendly environment for sperm. So, there is a possibility of conception in this stage.

Phase 3: Ovulation

Ovulation is considered the most positive period for those who want to get pregnant. It is hard to say precisely when you will ovulate, but it assumed that ovulation starts two weeks before your next period. During this time, the cervical mucus shows the consistency of egg white which means you are in right time for your sexual intercourse. The ovulation lasts for 24 to 36 hours. So, to get pregnant you must have sex I 36 hours of ovulation.

Phase 4: Post-Ovulation

Post ovulation phase is the final phase of menstrual cycle which starts with the end of ovulation phase. Post ovulation phase lasts for 12 hours. In this period cervical mucus become dry with the rise of progesterone. In this period, ovaries stop releasing any more eggs and cervical mucus does not allow any sperm to enter inside uterus. So, there is no possibility of getting pregnant in this period but this period is safe for having sex.


amazing time with your partner before getting pregnant

All Couple Should Do Before Getting Pregnancy Progression

As you have decided to get pregnant it is important to you to spend some amazing time with your partner before getting pregnant. When you will get pregnant or become a mother, you will get enough time to enjoy for next 3 to 4 years.

Here are some amazing things you can do together with your partner before your pregnancy.

  • Arrange a tour: Select any fantastic place and make decision of visiting it. Create some memorable moments before getting pregnant.
  • Throw a party: Throw a party at your home. Invite all your nearest friends and enjoy the night.
  • Go on a long drive: Ask your partner to take you for long drive. Enjoy all the way you spend together. Capture the beautiful places during traveling.
  • Go on a movie: A movie time with partner will just be an adorable time. Select a special show and enjoy your favorite movie. Discuss and make fun with what you enjoyed during movie time.
  • Enjoy your sleep: It will be harder for you to have sweet sleeps during pregnancy. So, try to enjoy the time when you sleep. Don’t pass a single night without having romance with your partner.
  • Go to new restaurant: Collect the names of all new restaurants around you. Pay a visit to every new restaurant with your partner for dine or lunch.
  • Go to a concert or festival: You are lucky if you get a festival before getting pregnant. Enjoy all the long day in the festival. You can go to concert for making more fun.
  • Read on parenting books together: Read at least a book with your partner parents or babies. Make plans what you’re going to do with your new born baby.
  • Wear your favorite clothes and Jewelries: Find out all your favorite clothes and jewelries and wear some them to present yourself to your partner.
  • Take a long shower: Take your own time in the bathroom. Take a long shower. But if you like to take shower together ask your partner to join you.
  • Save an emergency fund: As you know you are going to be mom very recently, you should open a saving fund your baby.
  • Talk about big issues: Talk about the responsibilities you are going to take. Think how you will grow up your new baby.
  • Have fun with choosing names for your future baby: You may try to fix a name for your baby and make some fun with your partner on this issue.
  • Pass at least one night out: You should hang out with your partner for at least one night. Do everything you like before getting pregnant.
  • Go on shopping: Shopping always bring some extra amuse to women. Before your conception you can spend some times for shopping along with your partner.
  • Meet old friends: Maybe you don’t meet your friends because of you job and it will be hard for you to visit your friends with your conception. So, meet your old friends now, be nostalgic. It would bring some joy for you.
  • Spend your weekend with your colleagues: Meeting your colleagues on the weekend will help you to remove your stress and have some extra fun.
  • Tell stories to your partner: You may like to tell stories to your partner. It will keep you mentally cheer and refreshed.
  • Make some special dishes for your partner: Make some dishes that your partner likes most. Enjoy your dinner time.
  • See a doctor: You should see a doctor and get some ideas and advices about pregnancy before you conception. This is very much necessary for a healthy pregnancy.


13 Early Stages of Pregnancy Symptoms and Go for A Test if You Do


Early Stages of Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Stages of Pregnancy Symptoms

If you are dying of waiting to get a positive sign of pregnancy, it’s time for your relaxation. Here’re some symptoms you may notice during early stage of your pregnancy.  Observe closely whether you are experiencing any of these symptoms and go for a pregnancy test if you do.

  • Missed period: Though missed period is the well known primary symptoms of pregnancy that almost all women notice first, it is not the only symptom of pregnancy. You also miss period for some other reasons like stress, illness, traveling or hormonal imbalance.
  • Swelling and tender breasts: A woman may feel soreness or tenderness in breasts as the early symptoms of conceptions. During pregnancy breasts start producing milk and become larger in shape. So, if you are experiencing shallow or sore breasts you should go for a pregnancy
  • Nausea: Nausea is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms which is noticed between two to eight weeks of pregnancy. Nausea occurs during pregnancy due to some hormonal change in the body. Nausea may occur for some other reasons like food poisoning or stomach flu, so you should observe other symptoms of pregnancy before going for a pregnancy
  • Fatigue: Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. However, a woman may feel tired for some other reasons too. So, it won’t be wise to go for a pregnancy test if you only have fatigue.
  • Back pain: Back pain or lower back pain is probably the only symptoms that every woman experiences in pregnancy. So, you should be concern about pregnancy if you have a mild or acute back pain though there may have some other reasons for back pain.
  • Frequent urination: Frequent urination is a very common symptom of pregnancy. During pregnancy uteri grows and forces on in the bladder which make frequent urination. But frequent urination may also occur due to urinary tract infection, bladder infection or diabetics.
  • Darkening areolas: Darkening areolas is a very common symptom of pregnancy. It turns into its original color after delivery.
  • Spotting: Most of the women notice spotting on their abdomen of other parts of the body during pregnancy. This symptom shows up after 5 to 10 days of conception.
  • Smell sensitivity: Smell sensitivity is an early symptom of pregnancy. Many women have an increased sense of pregnancy during pregnancy.
  • Unusual hunger: Women feel an unusual hunger during pregnancy. During conception women need about 300 calories extra to grow their baby up.
  • Mood swings: Emotional mood is a common symptom that most of the women experiences during pregnancy. This happens due to the hormonal change in the body.


Don’t Worry About Handling Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness Pregnancy Progression

Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness Pregnancy Progress

If you are pregnant you may suffer from morning sickness like nausea, vomiting or headache. But you should not worry about handling morning sickness. Here are some effective ways that you can follow to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy.

  • Eat a little but frequently. Eat at least once in every two hours.
  • Eat the foods that have plenty of protein and vitamin. Don’t eat fatty of fried food.
  • Avoid overeating. Overeating may be a reason of discomfort for you.
  • Try to eat cold food like fruits, cold soup or salads.
  • Don’t drink too much during the mealtime but drink a lot in the rest of the day.
  • Take enough rest to remove stress and tiredness.
  • Take some sniff lemons. It will be helpful for your nausea.
  • Take pregnancy multivitamins daily prescribed by your physicians.
  • Use unscented soap during your shower.
  • Share you feeling with your friends sometimes to get refreshed.
  • Sometimes you can go for some therapies like aromatherapy or reflexology.
  • Apply pressures to Nei Guna wrist acupressure point with your hands.
  • Avoid tight pants. You can use a pregnancy belly band.
  • Take some zinger tea because it works best as the nausea killer.
  • Maintain a pregnancy diary and note down which foods suit you and when they suit best.


The Next Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy Progression

Pregnancy is the most critical and most important time for every woman. During pregnancy, a woman needs to take some extra care of their health as it directly affects the baby’s health. So, if you are in pregnancy you must follow the next tips for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Take some multivitamins along with a balanced diet. Multivitamins help your child growing up nicely.
  • Smoking has an adverse effect on both mother and child’s health. So, during pregnancy, you should avoid smoking.
  • Alcohol may cause miscarriage or premature birth. So, don’t drink any kind of alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Sleep for a long time to remove tiredness.
  • Follow the food menu provided by your physicians. Make sure that your stomach is never empty at this critical time.
  • Avoid eating raw meat or eggs because it may have high risk of food borne illness or food poisoning.
  • Do some exercises daily. But keep in mind that too much exercise can harm your health during conception. So, don’t exercise for a long time.
  • Drink a glass of milk daily. Don’t drink unpasteurized milk because it may cause bacterial illness.
  • Avoid sitting on a hot tab or sauna because it may bring miscarriages.
  • Get a flu shot to prevent influenza during pregnancy.
  • Caffeine causes some serious complication during pregnancy. So, avoid caffeine as much as possible.
  • You may have sex if you don’t find any complications during pregnancy.
  • Avoid eating fast food. Foods containing high fat may harm your health.
  • Gaining too much weight during pregnancy may be harmful for your health. So, gain your weight smartly.
  • Sometimes visit your dentist to get rid of bacteria or oral cavity infections.
  • Don’t touch any pet animals during pregnancy because it may contain germs.
  • Eat more seafood to absorb more minerals and vitamins which are very much necessary during conception.

5 Signs of Pregnancy Labor Progression

Pregnancy Labor Progression

During pregnancy, women remain worried about how soon they are going to get labor. They sometimes get confused with the early signs of labor pain due to its vagueness. Here I pointed some signs of labor pain out to help you realize when you are about to get your labor.

  • Your water breaks: When you are very close to your labor, you will feet a small leak of amniotic fluid from your vagina.
  • You will notice strong and regular contraction: Contraction is considered as the very common symptom of labor. But women may have contraction due to some other reasons. So, to understand true labor pain, observe very closely if the contraction is continuous and it never eases you.
  • You will notice a discharge: You will feel a discharge of mucus or blood in your vagina when you are too close to your labor.
  • You may have a diarrhea: When you are very close to your labor, your body will release some prostaglandin to contract your uterus. This prostaglandin may cause diarrhea.
  • You will get a backache: You may have been experiencing back pain from the very beginning of your back pain. But when you are about to labor, your pain will become extremely harsh.

Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows are some pillows made especially for pregnant women. Pregnant women use these pillows for an extra comfort while sleeping. There are different types of pregnancy pillows on market based on shape, size, and style.

  • Under the Tummy: To keep your back and hip away from training you can use under the tummy pillow.
  • Behind the Back: You can keep this type of pillow beside you to sleep comfortably.
  • Under the Regular Pillow: This type of pillow keeps your head up and gives you a sound sleep.

So, women can use their any type of these pillows to feel better during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Progression Test

Pregnancy is done to determine if a woman is pregnant. Though a woman realizes that she is pregnant before having a pregnancy test as she notices some symptoms of pregnancy by this time, pregnancy test confirms her about her conception.

  • Rosette Inhibition Test: Rosette inhibition test provides the earliest result of pregnancy. This test works on Early Pregnancy Factors (EPF) to determine if a woman is pregnant or not. This test can be done in 48 hours of unprotected sex. This test is very expensive.
  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin: This test can be done after six to twelve hours of an unprotected sex. This test is done with blood or urine sample.

Pregnancy Food Tracker

Pregnancy Food Tracker

Pregnancy Food Tracker

During pregnancy, women become sick and tired. To reduce sickness and tiredness there is no alternative to eating balanced food. If you do not eat enough food you will be more tired. But if you eat too much it will also harm your health. So, you need a balanced food during your pregnancy. You can use a food tracker to determine the quantity of food you need. Food tracker will help you eating in the proper time.

Food tracker also helps you choose which food you should eat and which one you should avoid during pregnancy. Some food trackers provide the idea of nutrition and vitamins you need during pregnancy and it describes which food contains what kind of vitamins or mineral.

There are a number of food trackers for windows, android or iOS. So, collect your food tracker and eat balanced food during pregnancy to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

pregnancy support band

Pregnancy Belly Progression

Belly support bands help you releasing your back pain.There are some belly support bands available on market to support your lower back and abdomen during pregnancy. Every woman should use a belly support band to feel comfort during their pregnancy. There are numbers of reasons why you should use a pregnancy support band.

  • You should use belly support band to decrease your SI joint pains which occur during pregnancy.
  • It helps you to reduce of discomfort from movement during conception.
  • You can continue your daily activities during pregnancy if you wear a belly support band.
  • Wearing a belly support band you can easily travel by bus or train.

So, if you are pregnant you should wear a belly support band that suits you best. But you should not wear your belly support band for more than 3 hours.

Pregnancy Progress Calculator

Pregnancy Month Calculator

This is very hard to calculate the exact age of gestation. But an approximate age is calculated from the conception date which is counted from the first day of the mother’s last menstrual cycle.

Pregnancy Progress Calculator

Conception typically occurs about 11 to 12 days after the first of the last period in the case of a woman who has a regular menstrual cycle. But the woman who has an irregular menstrual period or the woman who does not remember the first day of her last period should have an ultrasound exam to calculate the gestational age.

Pregnancy Back Support

Pregnancy Back Support

Pregnancy Back Support

Back pain is very common during pregnancy that most of the women experience. To reduce this back pain there are some belts available on the market. Back support belt will help you do your daily activities during pregnancy Progress.

There are a numerous number of back support belts on market. Among them, you must choose a back support belt that comfy you most and removes your back pain.

Pregnancy Massage near Me

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Massage during pregnancy is a special kind of therapy essential for pregnant women to remove their stress and discomfort.

There are several reasons for why women should take some massage during pregnancy.

  • A mild massage during pregnancy removes back pain and leg cramps.
  • For headache and sniff neck there’s nothing alternative to massage.
  • Pregnancy massage helps remove edema.
  • It is necessary for a proper blood circulation and relaxant nervous tension.

So, you can go to nearby massage therapist and take some pregnancy Progress massages if you think you need it.

Pregnancy Flying

Pregnancy Flying

If you are planning for an air travel during your pregnancy you should feel normal to fly. Though some airlines will not allow you to fly during pregnancy at the last few weeks of your pregnancy, most of the airlines do not think it’s risky. Some physicists say, there remains an increased risk of blood clots for you if you fly during your conception.

However, you can fly during pregnancy if you have an emergency. But in that case, you have to more careful than your normal flying days.

  • Before planning for a fly, make sure that you are in good health.
  • You can fly during pregnancy only if you have normal pregnancy.
  • You drink more during your fly.
  • You should wear loose and comfortable clothes during your air journey.
  • You should not fly if you are thinking have to sit for a long time.
  • Fasten your seat belt.

By following above rules during your air travel you can ensure maximum safety of your journey. But I personally discourage air travel during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Gift

Pregnancy Gift

Pregnancy Gift

During pregnancy women become very emotional. An amazing gift can be a great source of pleasure for a pregnant woman.

It is hard to choose the best gift for a pregnant woman as there’re numbers of restrictions regarding safety.

Here are some safe gifts that a pregnant woman may love.

  • Pregnancy pillow can be an amazing gift for a pregnant woman. Pregnancy pillow is necessary for the sound sleep of a pregnant woman.
  • Your wife may be happy to get a baby chair for her unborn baby.
  • Baba baby wrap can be a great source of joy of your wife. So, buy your wife a Baba baby wrap.
  • Bugaba is necessary for your baby. So, bay a Bugaba for your wife. I think she will definitely love it.
  • If you want to choose a pregnancy gift for your wife, you should choose to buy a color video baby monitor.
  • You can give your wife a pregnancy journal during pregnancy..

There are thousands of gifts you can choose for your pregnant wife. So don’t get confused while choosing the best gift for your wife. No doubt that, your wife will love your wife love the idea for gift more than the gift you give her regardless of its beauty, gorgeousness or price.

Pregnancy Journals

Pregnancy Journals

Pregnancy Journals

Pregnancy is one of the most precious things that a woman loves during her pregnancy. There are a lot of pregnancy journals available on the market. All of these journals look great with a very adorable cover page. Price may vary from journal to journal. But one thing is common in every journal is its content. Every pregnancy journal tries to describe the rules a woman should follow during her pregnancy. How a child should be cared for its proper growth is elaborately described in the pregnancy journals.

Some journals contain some sweet stories of mom and kid or dad and kid. Some beautiful names often grab some places in the pregnancy journals. You should read some journals during your pregnancy Progress to get rid of being bored.

Sex Third Trimester

Sex Third during Trimester

Sex Third during Trimester

Many women are worried about how safe it is to have sex during the third trimester of their pregnancy. It is news of hope for those women that, though you have to give some of your habits up during pregnancy, you do not have to stop having sex even if you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy.

But there are some women who complain that they had some complications during this time which were the results of their intercourses. Many of them said that they had got increased back pain after sex while other said about their bleeding during intercourses.

So, if you think you will not suffer from above complications, you can continue having sex. But stop having sex if you once notice your water breaks.

Loss of Appetite during Pregnancy

Loss of Appetite during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there happen some hormonal changes in woman’s body which brings some physical changes to her. Some habits and characters are also affected in this critical time. Loss of appetite or anorexia is very often experienced by the pregnant women. This habitual change can be noticed at the early stage of conception.

If you are experiencing anorexia during your pregnancy, you should try to follow some specific rules. Your attempt can lessen anorexia, but you cannot totally eliminate it. You can try ginger because it may make you hungry. The best you can do is keeping yourself on eating frequently. If you think you are losing appetite excessively, you should consult your doctor.

Pregnancy Nutrition App for Healthy Tips

Pregnancy Nutrition App

There are some nutrition apps that can be used to understand if you are consuming enough nutrition for your health. This app also enlists the description of foods you need during conception for ensuring your nutrition. You can collect these apps for your desktops or smart phones.

Pregnancy Journey

Pregnancy Journey

Journey during pregnancy is often a matter of discomfort to women. But some loves traveling during their conception. However, whether you love it or compelled to do it, you must keep some important notes during your pregnancy journey.

  • Wear comfortable dress during journey.
  • Bring your prenatal records.
  • Collect information about all the nearby hospitals.
  • Fasten the seat belt during traveling.
  • Adjust your position in the seat.
  • Select the best coach for journey.
  • Bring water and necessary medicines with you.

Pregnancy Jumpsuits Best Ideas For Modern Mother

Jumpsuit during Pregnancy

Jumpsuit during Pregnancy

Some women feel comfort in jumpsuit when they are pregnant. But very often physicians discourage jumpsuit during pregnancy. They rather suggested wearing big and lose clothes for the ease of the movements.

Some argued that, pregnant women can wear jumpsuit. But they suggested wearing the jumpsuits that are not too much tight.  They think that the jumpsuit can keep them in jolly mind during pregnancy.

So, if you like to wear jumpsuit, I recommend you wear the wear the soft and lose ones. There are some jumpsuits especially made for pregnant women. You can buy one from them.

Pregnancy Skyleena IUD

Pregnancy IUD

Intrauterine device (IUD) is a birth control device that is inserted into women’s uterus. This is a very small and flexible device which looks like the letter ‘T’. People like this birth control device for its effectiveness. This long tern contraceptive method ensures the maximum safety.

There are four types of IUD say Mirena, Skyla, Kyleena and PassGard IUD. Mirena and Skyleena IUD release a very small amount of progestin levonorgestrel for 5 years continuously where Skyla and PassGard release progestin levonorgestrel for 3 years and 10 years respectively.

This contraception method is about 99.9% safe but there happen some exception sometimes. Pregnancy with IUD is rare but it sometimes happens.

Pregnancy Pains | how to ease abdominal pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy Pains

Pain during pregnancy is a very common matter. Every woman suffers from it during her conception period. You may have abdominal pain or back pain at any stage of your pregnancy. So, don’t worry about your pain. If you have acute pain, you should consult a doctor.

Pregnant Outfits

Pregnant Outfits

During pregnancy there happens a massive change in woman’s physical shape and volume. So, when a woman conceives, she needs to choose some clothes that are soft and comfortable for her. Clothes that are imperative for mother and baby should be given more priority during pregnancy. .

So, if you are pregnant, I recommend you consider the next suggestions while choosing to wear.

  • Wear soft and light clothes.
  • Avoid wearing snug or body hugging outfits.
  • Try to wear clothes that have an extended for your abdomen.
  • Do not wear too much jewelry.
  • Do not wear high heels. Try to stick to flat shoes.
  • Always try to wear cotton clothes for an extra comfort.
  • For inner clothes, you should always choose larger and soft ones.

However, your clothes may vary from time to time with the progression of your pregnancy.

Kegel Exercise during Pregnancy

Kegel Exercise during Pregnancy

Some physicians advised doing the kegel exercise during pregnancy. Kegel is a very helpful exercise for the pregnant women. It increases the ability to relax and control the muscles during labor and birth by strengthening the muscles around bladder, uterus and bowels. It also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles which is necessary for perineal tissues. So, I recommend you do some kegel exercises daily during your conception.

Pregnancy Lotion

Pregnancy Lotion

During pregnancy women should use lotion to protect their skins being dry. Women often feel comfortable using lotion on their belly. It gives the moisture and protects their body from itching. If you think your skin becomes rough during your pregnancy you can use some lotion.

Pregnancy Underwear

Pregnancy Underwear

You should be more careful about wearing underwear at your conception period as your physical relaxation and ease depend a lot on how you feel wearing your under garments. Sometimes your underwear may be a reason of discomfort for you. It can also resist your physical changes during pregnancy.

Therefore, you need to choose suitable underwear during pregnancy. I suggest you go through the following text before choosing your underwear.

  • Try to avoid wearing bras during pregnancy. If you need to wear bras then wear the soft and wide shaped one.
  • Wear bras made of cotton which will make you feel try and soft.
  • Choose to wear sports bra during exercise.
  • Wear nursing bras at the end of the pregnancy.
  • You can wear a g- string if you want.
  • Wear larger size panties.
  • Try to wear the panties which are specially made for pregnant women.
  • Always use soft and low cut panties.

Pregnancy Uterus | how big is my uterus at 12 weeks

pregnancy uterus

pregnancy uterus

Uterus is one of the most sensitive organs of a woman which holds the fetus during conception. During pregnancy there happens a massive change in the uterus. Uterus gets 20 times bigger than its normal size at the time of conception.

Before pregnancy uterus is about the size of an orange which achieves the size of a grapefruit in the next 12 weeks of pregnancy.

During the second trimester uterus achieves the size of a papaya and it reaches in the size of a watermelon in the final trimester.

In the pregnancy period uterus acquires some other changes in it like developing placenta or getting bigger blood vessel.

Pregnancy Rash on Face of Skin Problems

Pregnancy Rash on Face

This is nothing surprising if you have rash on your face during pregnancy. When you conceive, there occurs a change in your body’s hormone. This hormonal change causes some dermatological change in your body. Very commonly you can have some hast on your face.

So, there’s nothing to be worried about rashes on your face. You will completely smooth and fairy skin after the delivery. But if you find so many rashes, you should consult your doctor.

Pregnancy Girdle

Pregnancy Girdle

Women sometimes like to wear a girdle around their waist to support their belly. This tendency increases during their pregnancy. Girdles are sometimes suggested by some physicians. Some women feel some extra comfort during their pregnancy. Women can do their daily activities more easily during their pregnancy if they wear a girdle. It you feel an overweight in your abdomen you can wear a girdle. It may be helpful for your movement.

Pregnancy Edema

Pregnancy Edema

Edema is very common during pregnancy. It occurs due to increased fluid in the body or tissues. Almost all women experience edema during their pregnancy.

If you have edema in your hands, feet or face you should not be worried about it. Edema during pregnancy is totally harmless to your baby. But it can be a reason of discomfort for you. You can practice several things to get release from edema.

  • Do not keep yourself standing or sitting for a long time.
  • Practice sleeping on your side.
  • Do some exercise daily.
  • Wear the clothes and shoes that are comfortable to you.

Pregnancy Vest

Pregnancy Vest

This is sometimes said by the physicians that, every pregnant woman should wear a vest. They argue that vest helps the pregnant support their abdomen. It keeps the woman fit and protected from outside harms.

Some women feel comfort in a vest during pregnancy but the percentage of those women is very low. Some women consider the vest as the reason of discomfort. If you think you feel comfort in a vest during conception, you can wear it. But keep in mind that your vest must not enforce on your abdomen.

Pregnancy Itching

Pregnancy Itching

Itching is very common during pregnancy. About 60% of pregnant women notice itching on abdomen or other parts of the body. Though itching does not affect your baby inside the uterus, it may make spots on your skin. Itching may become worse at night. So, always cleansing your skin and don’t let be dry. Use pregnancy soup for bath and use some pregnancy lotion after bath. Always wear clean and dry clothes.

Pregnancy Headphones

Pregnancy Headphones

Pregnancy Headphones

Some women want their baby to listen to music during pregnancy. For that they put the headphones on their abdomen. Many physicians suggested putting headphones on abdomens during the last trimester of the pregnancy they believe that music relaxes frayed nervous.

If you want to make your baby listen to some music, you can put headphone on your belly. But for safety keep the volume less than 70 decibel. You should select soft or classical music for your baby.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnant women very often suffer from swelling or inflammation in their gums in the early stage of pregnancy. The bacterial film grown in the teeth cause this gingivitis. So, if you are suffering from pregnancy gingivitis of sickness the best advice for you are here.

  • Brush your twice a day, in the morning and after dinner.
  • Use floss after meal regularly.
  • Gurgle daily with a mouthwash.
  • Eat foods that contain vitamin B12 an C.
  • See a dentist sometimes

Pregnancy Hernia | Can you get a hernia after giving birth

Pregnancy Hernia

Hernia is very common during pregnancy which occurs due to the elevated pressure of baby in the uterus. A hole in the muscle of abdomen is referred to a hernia. You may have a pregnancy hernia if you have a mild pain in your abdomen. But very often you cannot see the symptoms of a hernia. Normally, you do not have to take treatment for hernia but if it goes to the serious level you can see a doctor.

Pregnancy Reflux

Pregnancy Reflux

Pregnancy Reflux

You may have some acid reflux during pregnancy due to hormonal change in your body. When you have acid reflux, you will feel some burning sensation in your upper chest or throat.

Acid reflux has no bad impact on your baby. But it may keep you discomfort. In that case you should avoid eating oily and spicy food. Milk often causes acidity. So, don’t drink milk too much. If the acidity problem becomes worse, inform your doctor.

Pregnancy Implantation

Pregnancy Implantation

Implantation is the process of pregnancy Progress which starts with the attachment of fertilized egg to the wall of the womb. Pregnancy implantation occurs between sixth to tenth days of the ovulation.

  • At the early stage of implantation fertilized eggs attach to the uterine wall.
  • In the second stage, the fertilized eggs penetrate the uterus wall.
  • Finally, the embryo enters inside the uterus wall and places itself in edometric cavity.

In the edomatric cavity embryo grows very rapidly. Your body will show you some symptoms of pregnancy if you have a successful implantation.


Pregnancy Hot Tub | Solutions safety and health risks

Pregnancy Hot Tub

Sitting in the hot tub during pregnancy may ease your muscle aches. Hot tub may help you remove your back pain. But it may also cause hyperthermia. So, try to avoid it..

Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss is really a very unfortunate situation for a couple. If really hurts you if you lose a confirmed pregnancy. So, you must be very careful from the beginning of the pregnancy to avoid an unexpected miscarriage


Pregnancy may be lost before 20 weeks due to the genetic problem. This kind of loss pregnancy is known as miscarriage. But problems in placenta or infection may cause miscarriage after 22 weeks. This type of loss pregnancy is called stillbirth.

However, you should give up smoking and alcohol consumption to avoid the risk of miscarriage. Some balanced exercise will also decrease the risk of your pregnancy loss.

Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Hair loss is very common during pregnancy. Many women experience hair loss during pregnancy. Hair loss may cause a bald spot on your head if you have hair loss in your conception. You will recover hair loss as soon as you had your delivery and the bald spots due to hair loss become hairy in 3 to 4 months after delivery.

You can reduce your hair fall by certain eating foods that contain vitamins and minerals. But if you are anxious about hair fall you should consult a doctor.

Pregnancy Jackets Maternity Puffer Coat Outerwear

Pregnancy Jackets

During pregnancy jackets, you must choose to wear a jacket that is not tight enough for your increased abdomen. Try to wear a jacket which comfy you. You can choose the larger size because larger size jackets are easy to put on.

linea nigra pregnancy

linea nigra pregnancy

Linea Nigra Pregnancy

Linea Nigra pregnancy line is the dark line on the abdomen which may be developed due to hormonal imbalance in the pregnancy during conception. This line normally disappears after delivery.

Varicose and Pregnancy Veins Symptoms

Pregnancy Veins

Pregnancy Veins

You may notice some varicose veins during pregnancy. Varicose veins mean the enlarged veins which normally occur due to excessive blood flow in the veins.

Pregnancy Mucus | what causes mucus discharge during pregnancy

Pregnancy Mucus

Pregnancy Mucus

Mucus is very common vaginal discharge during pregnancy. It generally occurs due to the rise of estrogen during pregnancy. So, if you have a mucus discharge in your pregnancy, you must not worry about it. But if you have excessive mucus leak in your vagina, you should see a doctor because in that case there is a high risk of preterm labor.

Pregnancy Juice to ensure all kind of vitamins & minerals

Pregnancy Juice

Pregnancy Juice

During pregnancy, you should drink juices that contain maximum vitamins and minerals. Try different juice every day to ensure all kind of vitamins and minerals for you and your baby’s body. You can drink orange juice for vitamins C and potassium. Carrot juice contains a large amount of vitamin A and E apple juice contains irons. You can try strawberry juice for folate. Take some lemon juice if you have nausea. Grape juice prevents constipation.

Pregnancy Keepsake Some Good Memories During Fecundity

Pregnancy Keepsake

Pregnancy keepsake some memories during pregnancy would always be memorable to you. So, try to keep some good memories during pregnancy. Take photographs of your belly or write down some notes for your future baby. You can also capture some maternity photos to still your good memories.

Pregnancy Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Pregnancy Ugly Sweaters

Pregnancy Ugly Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters sometime you may feel cold during pregnancy, or you have may have a pregnancy in winter. In that case, you need to wear a sweater. Choose a worm as well as a comfortable sweater for you. Always try to avoid wearing a tight sweater.

Pregnancy Nutrition Progression Fit for mom and Baby

Pregnancy Nutrition Progression

Pregnancy Nutrition Progression

Consumption of enough nutrition during pregnancy is more important for a woman than her normal days. This time women need more nutrition for her body as well as her baby’s growth. At that time women need more calcium, iron, protein and folic acid.

So, eat more green vegetables, pasta, milk, cheese and sardines. You should keep meat, fish or egg in your daily meal. Eat fruit as much as you can to get more vitamins and minerals.

Pregnancy Resources | american Pregnancy Help Online

Pregnancy Resources

Pregnancy Resources

Pregnancy resources are some hospitals and clinics where you will go during your labor. It is always wise to choose a clinic or hospital before one or two weeks of your labor. Contract with clinics and make a reservation if you think it’s necessary for you. Always try to choose the hospital which is neat and clean and away from roadside. Be confirmed that your chosen hospital will provide the best care during your labor.

age of pregnancy viability definition

Pregnancy Viability

Pregnancy Viability

When pregnancy viability someone says, pregnancy is viable it means that the fetus inside the uterus is doing well. For a viable pregnancy, you must keep track on your baby. Do regular check up and consult your doctor. Take proper medicine and foods prescribed by your doctor. If you see anything abnormal, see your doctor at once. Don’t be careless about any of your doctor’s advice

Pregnancy is the most precious time for every woman. It brings motherhood to a woman. Reasonably every woman remains worried about her pregnancy Progress.

If you are pregnant, you should be more concerned about your health because of your baby’s health totally dependent on yours. It may be hard for you leave many of your favorite habits and activities during all the time of your pregnancy but should not be upset for that. Your baby will bring all the joy to you.

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