Summer Infant Stroller Review 2017 Mystery Revealed

summer infant stroller

Summer Infant Stroller

Picking A Convenient Baby Stroller.  As far as umbrella strollers go, the summer infant stroller, the black model is one of the latest and at around $100, arguably one of the best bargains you will find on the market. It is a lightweight, versatile alternative to the bulky full-size strollers common on the market today. It is a truly portable package which weighing in at a little over 11 lbs; you shouldn’t find it too difficult to fold it up and throw it over your shoulder. It is the go-to stroller as far as convenience features go. The summer infant 3d lite convenience stroller, available in black and six other different colors, is designed with the baby’s as well as users considerations at heart. The array of features is meant to be simple, while also providing comfort for the child and the user alike. It’s light weight, efficiency and hassle free build mean that your stroller doesn’t have to be an extra piece of luggage especially when traveling via public transport.

The summer infant stroller is designed for everyday moms on the go. It is ideal for short back and forth trips to the store or a picnic in the park. It is also important to note that the reclining seat and general build of the stroller will support your child up to 50lbs.

Features of Summer Infant Stroller

Lightweight Summer Infant Stroller

Lightweight Summer Infant Stroller

As mentioned earlier, the summer infant 3d lite stroller, Black model, weighs less than 12lbs which is half as heavy as most strollers on the market. With a lightweight aluminum frame, which also makes it highly durable, it means that you can easily steer it around and push it without putting too much strain on your arms and wrists. A simple three step fold sequence along with a carry strap and auto lock is provided to complement its light weight so that there is no hassle involved in converting it and tossing it on your back for a brisk walk. There is little strain on your back and it may even provide some light exercise for your back and shoulders. The summer infant stroller makes it easy to bring your baby wherever you go.

Deep declining seat

Summer Infant Stroller Seat

Summer Infant Stroller Seat

A cut above conventional strollers which have an x frame, summer infant stroller – Black, incorporates an open design and easy reclining seat which can go up to 60 degrees allowing your baby to lay nearly flat and take a nap or even for on the go diaper changes. The seat has three different recline positions which you can employ depending on how you want to position your toddler. Although it requires both hands to recline the seat since you have to push two red buttons simultaneously, it only takes one to bring it back up when you need to fold or just want to sit your toddler upright. The seat is also sturdy enough to carry a child of up to 50lbs.

Storage pockets

Summer Infant Stroller Storage Pockets

Summer Infant Stroller Storage Pockets

The summer infant stroller packs a range of utilities you will definitely need or at least enjoy while out and about. It is equipped with a large basket at the bag where you can stash over-sized diaper bags and even purses so that you don’t have extra bits of luggage that annoy you most of the way during a walk. There is also a small storage pocket where you can safely store your keys or a cell phone right within your reach. Additionally, the summer infant 3d lite stroller also contains a cup holder to carry yourself a beverage for the road or a baby bottle. These simple utilities leave your hands free for the handles and make it easy to keep track of essential items.

Safety features

Summer Infant Stroller Safety features

Summer Infant Stroller Safety-features

Safety is not left to chance with the summer infant stroller- Black. Cleverly designed on top of the stroller is a small canopy that helps to shield your child’s sensitive skin from excessive UV rays from the sun and a nifty pop-out sun visor that provides your child with some shade especially during the hotter days. Could be that’s why the word summer exists in the product title? The summer infant 3d lite stroller also incorporates a 5-point adjustable padded harness with an easy to lock buckle which holds your child firmly but cozily in place, so he isn’t tossed out of the seat in case you accidentally hit a small bump on the road or obliviously bump into a curb step.

Comfort and Ergonomic Features of Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Comfort and ergonomic features of Summer Infant Stroller

Comfort and ergonomic features of Summer Infant Stroller

The summer infant stroller, the black model, goes a step further to provide maximum comfort for the toddler and the user by including a few clever efficiency and simplicity features. The stroller’s wheels can lock in place to make it easier to push along a rough path like a cobblestone pavement you might find in a park, or they can swivel to allow you to steer effortlessly on smooth pavement. It also includes a front suspension system which coupled with the double rubber wheels serve to provide a smooth, soothing ride for the baby by keeping vibrations to a minimum. The summer infant 3d lite convenience stroller also incorporates two parking brakes which are individually locked when you need to stop.


  • A canopy to provide shade for the child.
    • A lightweight build for easy handling on the go.
    • Tall handlebars which work well for tall parents
    • Roomy seat with a fairly deep decline.
    • An assortment of safety features.
    • Efficient storage utilities for mothers on the go.
    • Easy to fold plus carry straps for simple transport.


  • It has a relatively small canopy.
    • Shorter users need to test it out first due to its tall handle bars.

Frequently Asked Questions of Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

Does the summer stroller 3d lite have a warranty provided?

Yes. The product carries a one year warranty.

How tall are summer infant 3d one stroller handlebars?

The handle bars are 42 inches from the ground. Ideal for medium-height and tall parents.

How do I fold summer infant 3d flip stroller?

To fold the stroller, you need to hold two levers simultaneously. You step on one and pull the other for an easy fold.

Where do I buy summer infant go lite convenience stroller?

The summer infant stroller is available on Amazon for just $80.

All in all, the summer infant stroller, Black model, is ideal for just about any scenario out and about moms might find themselves in. It is easy to handle and does little to hamper your fun during an outing or cause frustration during a trip especially using when using public transportation. It also provides low-budget quality if you’re not bent on spending $400 or even $800 on a stroller. The several features included in this light, compact stroller greatly enhances efficiency and provide everything a mother would look for in an umbrella stroller thereby giving good value for money.