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Zoe Stroller: Zoe XL2 Double Stroller Review The Best Things 2017

Zoe XL2 Double Stroller

Zoe XL2 Double Stroller

A reliable and high-quality  Zoe XL2 Double Stroller will come with all the required features. This will make sure a safe and comfortable ride for babies. If you are a mother of a single baby twin, you need to buy the best one for your babies. You have to buy the best stroller, which will best suit your lifestyle and budget. One such stroller is the XL2 Deluxe Stroller, which is a product of Zoe. This zoe stroller features a lightweight design and offers a smooth and comfortable ride to your babies. Here is the comprehensive and unbiased Zoe XL2 Deluxe Stroller review.

What exactly is the Zoe XL2 Double Stroller Deluxe?

This is the recently introduced side-by-side luxurious Umbrella XL2 Double Zoe Stroller in the market. It comes with a bounty of beneficial features and frivolous design. This is because Uses lightweight materials, such as high-grade aluminum to prepare the stroller. Although the stroller is new to the market, its creators are not new. This baby unit comes with the combination of fashion design skill and thorough baby product knowledge. This is a reasonably priced, double stroller, suitable for moms having twins. It is an ideal traveling companion for your little ones, as well. This is because offers a safe and comfortable ride to them.

Features of this Zoe XL2 Deluxe Double from Zoe Stroller

 zoe xl2 deluxe

Zoe strollers XL2 Deluxe

Despite new, the XL2 Deluxe Stroller has rapidly become the most admired companion amid twin-baby moms. This is because of its attractive design and a plethora of beneficial features. Some of these features include:

ZOE Strollers Best Frivolous design:

This is the lightest double baby stroller available on the market. This is because it comes with an aluminum-made frame that makes it weigh only 16 pounds. This further allows parents to move the stroller easily without applying much effort.

Individual canopies:



The ZOE XL2 double stroller comes with separate canopies and seats for babies. Each canopy offers an adequate amount of coverage for your kids. Furthermore, the reclined seats of this baby product will offer your kids a comfortable nap.

Kick Space:

This double Zoe stroller comes with an immense kick space. This means that it comes with an adequate distance between the handlebar and the rear wheels. The manufacturer makes sure that the kick space for this baby product is sufficiently large. Hence, you will not find yourself kicking into the back wheel.

Padded harness:



The baby product comes with a five-level cushioned harness. This will disallow your kids to unbuckle themselves. This is because it needs a 30-lb force to release the buckle, offering a safe ride for your kids.

Swift folding system:

Zoe-XL2-Deluxe Swift Folding System

Zoe-XL2-Deluxe Swift Folding System

The frivolous Umbrella stroller comes with an easy and quick folding mechanism. It is enough if you just use both of your hands to pull the straps at the seats simultaneously to fold the unit. After folding, the stroller will automatically lock and will self-stand automatically.

 Ergonomic handle bar:

Zoe-XL2-Deluxe Stroller Ergonomic Handle Bar

Zoe-XL2-Deluxe Stroller Ergonomic Handle Bar

This new double stroller comes equipped with an ergonomic handlebar. This will offer a comfortable grip to you. This is because zoe stroller uses high quality, long-lasting foam material to construct it. Furthermore, as it is at a height of 40.5 inches from the ground, the product is suitable for tall parents, as well.


ZOE XL2 Best Stroller Brakes

ZOE XL2 Best Stroller Brakes

Zoe stroller prepares the rear brake of this baby product by keeping the convenience of its users in mind. Consequently, the rear brake is easy and comfortable to use. The product also has a separate step on brakes for each wheel at the back. The huge bar of the stroller allows users to step on to lock both wheels at the back easily.

Strong front suspension:

ZOE XL2 Best Stroller Strong Front Suspension

Strong Front Suspension

The stroller comes equipped with a powerful front-wheel suspension system. This will offer your kids a comfortable ride on harsh terrains. The wheels in the front of this stroller will revolve, but you can lock them.



The major feature that makes this ZOE Umbrella XL2 double stroller is that you can customize its wheel caps. This will allow you to change the look of your baby stroller. Furthermore, the stroller comes with three different stunning wheel-cap color options.

Above all, Zoe offers this deluxe double stroller with a lifetime warranty. This makes the product the most sought after one amid parents having twins.

Pros of the zoe xl2 deluxe double stroller

v Lightweight.

v Five-point harness.

v Individual canopy for both seats.

v Reclined seat.

v Rapid and easy folding system.

v Lifetime warranty.


v Not suitable for bumpy terrains.

v Not stronger than its heavier cousins.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the ideal age for babies to use this ZOE Umbrella XL2 double stroller?

You can use this stroller when your kids attain the age of six months to offer them a comfortable sitting position.

  1. Should I buy accessories for the stroller separately?

No, not necessary, as it comes with a bounty of accessories.

  1. What are the dimensions of the product?

The stroller from Zoe comes with the product dimensions of 29 x 25 x 7.5 inches, so it will not occupy much space in your home.

  1. Can the stroller be schlepped upstairs?

Yes, you can because this lightweight baby product comes with the weight of only 16 pounds.

  1. Can the stroller be stored inside the trunk of my car?

As it comes with compact dimensions, it can be easily stored.

Final verdict

The ZOE XL2 double stroller from is the most popular baby product amid modern day parents. This is because it comes with a plethora of beneficial features. These beneficial features make the product the most sought after unit among those having two little kids. The stroller is ideal for those, seeking a double stroller during their travel. It is also perfect for those who want to use the stroller daily. The pros of the stroller outweigh its cons. Hence, you can conclude that this deluxe double stroller is a must-have product in every family with two babies.